Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thankfulness Thursday - Week 20 of 2014

Today is May 15th.

Yesterday was my youngest child's birthday, He turned 11. We teased him the night before that we could/would wake him at the time of his birth just like in City Slickers. Our youngest was born at 3:25 am. Needless to day we did not wake him up - because we were all sleeping this year.

The night of his birth was the night I did not sleep. We had put the oldest to bed a couple of hours earlier and we decided about 10pm to go to sleep. I had just laid down and my water broke. I jumped up and the hubby said "Did your water break?" I told him I needed to check to be sure. So we called his parents and then dropped the oldest with them. We did not call anyone else we just planned on waiting until the morning to let everyone else know.

We arrived at the hospital and my nurse was a little disappointed because she figured she would be off her shift by the time the baby delivered. Well I assured her that she would get to see my baby before she left. I reminded her of that as she wheeled me to my room after he was born.

I have been blessed with two easy deliveries with my boys and my body for some reason does not feel contractions until it is time to push. I had to wait for the doctor to arrive with both boys.

Today I am thankful for my youngest son and for the wonderful process of childbirth that I had.

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  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your youngest my friend. I had to smile at the thought of celebrating the exact moment of birth with the children on their birthdays. I laboured in the night with all my children as well. Incredible that you didn't feel anything until it was time to push!! That one has me shaking my head. Yippee that it was like that, though. What a blessing! Hugs to you. Camille