Monday, June 15, 2015

Yes it happened.

I posted this on my Facebook feed two weeks ago: Choosing to focus on the positive after hightailing it from Coronado and Eastern to Maryland Pkwy and Desert Inn when we found out we were at the wrong place for the MIL's doctor appointment. Checking out the lady said that "girlfriend is rockin' the lipstick today". If you know my MIL you know how much she LOVES her lipstick. 

Then later in the evening: Second doctor's appointment with the MIL. This "living in the middle" is hard. Still need to figure out what to make the boys for dinner...get the hubby up and off to a couple loads of laundry and hit two drug stores for the hubby's and MIL's meds.

Then it happened. Midnight, I'm nearly asleep, the boys are zonked out, I hear the ice going in the refrigerator. Okay I think she (the MIL) is just getting new water and ice, no big deal. Then I hear a little more noise - seemed normal to me. Sleep comes. I notice through the night it is bright as if the MIL has left her door open and the light is on, Okay sometimes she needs more air circulation at night. Six o'clock, I get up, walk by her room and she is asleep on the floor. Yep, that noise I heard, she fell.

At first I feel guilty but then I feel relieved that we have carpet and she is okay although a little bruised. It is going to had happened two other times at my SIL's house in the past six weeks. We are encouraging her to ALWAYS have her hands on her walker and keep the walker in front of her at all times. Mistakes - they happen - it is so hard for people as they get older to recognize that their body does not react as it did twenty years ago. 

Stand up in the presence of the aged, show respect for the 
elderly and revere your God. I am the Lord
Leviticus 19:32


  1. sorry! These are trying things for sure! What a blessing you are to your MIL....I am sure she appreciates you!! HUGS! Camille

  2. Just popping in to say...hello! Happy Fourth to you and yours, Leanna. Hugs, Camille

  3. Just popping in to say...hello! Happy Fourth to you and yours, Leanna. Hugs, Camille