Monday, August 24, 2015

The Car

Ha ha!! Yes the hubby loves old movies and he likes the movie "The Car". I thought of it after I typed the title of this post.

Anyway, as I stated in my previous post we reserved a full size car. When we arrived to pick up they were out so we automatically got an upgrade to an SUV well it's more like a crossover. A Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. We were excited for more leg room for our boys. It is a cute car and easy to drive. Not that good for long drives because the seats are firm and you have leg room but not wide leg room. We left early about 4:30 am and arrived at our destination at 5:30 pm. We stopped once for a meal and a few times for restroom and gas. The traffic out of the city was bad and it took us an hour longer than I had planned.

We packed as much as we could and too much because I like to be prepared for any weather and with snacks for my three guys. See that grape Crush? That is the hubby's favorite and it's good we brought it because not one of the three grocery stores had it. 

It was interesting driving a new vehicle and finding out what all the buttons did. We thought that it was a good idea to try out a vehicle before we start seriously looking for a new (to us) one. There are a lot of vehicles with this body style Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Buick, Chevrolet just to name a few. I have seen a lot of them around town and we know that this is not the type of vehicle for us. 

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  1. What FUN! Interesting, isn't it, to test out a vehicle on holiday and discover that it wouldn't be a fit in *real* life? I have that same "Little Playmate" only our's is green. :)