Saturday, November 7, 2015

Another vacation post.

When I was growing up and we would go on vacation we always took the time to visit the small town cemetery where my maternal grandmother and several other family members are buried. 
Once I was married and my hubby came with me I was a little surprised when he said it was fun to go to the cemetery with my family. I have always loved to go because it is an adventure trying to remember where everyone is buried. I loved hearing my mom and her cousins 
speak about family members and the people they grew up with. 
Since we were close we set up a time to go and place flowers on all our family's graves.

The cemetery is at the end of a one lane winding road up a hill that has several houses on it.

The grandma's grave. There was a red rose bush planted here and that was one of the reasons we visited frequently to help keep it trimmed back and looking good. The grave stone has lost its footing a few times but it was looking good on this day.

My grandfather. 

My boys have only been to a cemetery once when their grandfather was interred.
 It was very hard for my youngest as we walked around.

Back down the hill and in town. This is a foot bridge but it used to be the bridge to come into town. See how narrow it is? I remember traveling over it to get to my cousin's house so scary especially when big trucks would need to cross too.

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  1. Cemetery visiting is a sobering experience. What a blessing that you were able to visit the cemetery where so many of your relatives are buried. Big Hugs! Camille