Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 2 of 2013

Well let's see if I was able to stay at $100 this week. Each week is new thank goodness.

Monday, January 7th -  Bountiful Baskets order $16.50

Tuesday, January 8th - Albertson's $16.09 - hubby was out of grape soda and I wanted to pick up more yogurt (on sale and used coupons) for the little one and me.

Wednesday, January 9th - Albertson's $57.56

Thursday, January 10th - Food 4 Less $27.05  Fresh & Easy $8.97

Friday, January 11th - Kmart $3.59

That makes $129.73 but my MIL gave me $20 to help with the unexpected family dinner that came up when a distant relative came into town.

So $109.73 is not too bad. We are all a work in progress right? I know I am spending less than last year.

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