Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 10 of 2013

Would this coupon be a budget helper or a budget buster for you? Well for me it would be a bust. I spent most of my allotted $100 before 3pm on Monday and I did not use this coupon. I did contemplate using it though but $30 on kleenex was just too much to spend this week.

Monday, March 4th - Bountiful Baskets - $16.50
                                  Target - $34.85
                                   Vons - $16.85
                                    Food 4 Less - $5.00

Wednesday, March 6th - Albertson's - $70.48

Total for week: $143.68

So maybe I need to stop including TP in my total. We go through a lot. I did pick up a couple of items I usually do not buy this week. Steak on the clearance meat (saving for an anniversary meal for me and the hubby) bottled water (I have jury duty on the 14th and the oldest has a weekend school trip to Disneyland in May).

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