Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 9 of 2013

3 weeks ago I purchased coconut oil with my Bountiful Basket. WOW! It is great!!! I have used it in place of butter or margarine (use Smart Balance usually) for peanut butter cookies, grilled cheese, frying eggs, popping popcorn, buttering pasta and toast. Here is a pic see how much I've used in these 3 weeks.

Monday, February 25th - Bountiful Basket - $16.50
                                        Albertson's - $15.92

Tuesday, February 26th - Target - $12.40
                                        Albertson's - $19.12

Wednesday, February 27th - Albertson's - $67.37
                                              Target - $13.54
                                              99cent store - $2.00

$146.85 totally messed this week up. Nearly $50 over.

Yes I went to Albertson's 3 days in a row. I was hoping to get the Lay's special buy 2 for $6 get one of the 3 new flavors for free. They were out and promotion ended on the 26th.

New week next week hope to pick up my oldest's fave pizza at Vons.

I have a friend that is doing this too. She has 5 to feed instead of 4 I hope she is doing better than me.

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