Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 20 of 2013

Sunday, May 12th - Target $5.08 - I hardly go out on Sunday except for church and this was Mother's Day but I had to get the rest of my youngest's birthday present.

Monday, May 13th - Bountiful Basket - $16.50

Tuesday, May 14th - Food 4 Less - $14.68 - Happy Birthday to my youngest he is 10 now. He requested tacos for dinner.

Wednesday, May 15th - Albertson's - $81.28
                                       Target - $22.93 - out of TP and expensive toothpaste that is recommended.

Friday, May 17th - Albertson's - $33.70


There was a good deal on chips and hubby was craving them.

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  1. Happy belated Mother's Day Leanna. And, happy birthday (also belated) to your boy. Aren't celebrations wonderful? But, yes...they do damage to the budget sometimes. Hang in are doing a good job. One day at a time. :)