Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am all jumbled.

 It has been a while since I have posted about what is going on with us and our crazy lives. The hubby's mom is doing pretty good. The boys are excited for the last day of school in one week. The hubby's job has not changed and he is still struggling with despising it and not being fulfilled there along with his continued ups and downs of depression. I am just trying to keep swimming and make sure the bills get paid, everyone eats and the house stay relatively straightened. I am also trying to plan everyones birthday celebration.
Not too much has changed with the hubby's mom. She is staying on her noninflammatory diet and has lost 36 pounds. That is a blessing. It is not too difficult to cook for her. Just need to remember light on salt and sugar and no wheat. Sort of the paleo diet. I went over to see her today at my sis-in-law's (where she is when she is not with us) and brought her some clothes from her home that she had stuck in her closets. She was thrilled to find some clothes that she had forgotten about and do not just hang on her.

Our oldest will be attending band camp this summer in August and then he will start high school. It is amazing to me that almost 14 years ago I was holding this little baby (that came 6 weeks early) and now he is nearly as tall as I am and growing into a young man. Our youngest just celebrated his 10th birthday and he will be taller than his brother before too long. He reminds me so much of my brother and my hubby it is so cute but also aggravating at the same time. Oh there are some of my traits in him too. I guess that is why he gets to me so easily.

Hubby's job is at a stand still there seems to be no way to move up or across. It is very hard for him to not be able to provide like he thought he would be able to. He will not receive a raise for at least another 18 months (has already not had any for 2 years) and they are talking about another 2 percent cut. We have discussed the possibility of me finding more work (I currently help at the family business for 2 hours a day during lunch) but know that it is best for our children if I am available for them. We are making ends meet and we are thankful to our Lord that He is providing for us. Hubby keeps having lows and it is hard to not be able to help him. He is such a hard worker and to not be able to work to his full ability is very hard for him.

Well one week from today is the hubby's birthday then three days later the oldest's then 13 days later mine. Vacation Bible School is just 26 days away. Whew what a fast June it will be.

I look forward to July and some swim time and fun.

Hope you have a great time the next three months.

Enjoy the summertime.

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