Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 22 of 2013

Monday, May 27th - Happy Memorial Day - Bountiful Basket - $16.50
                                      Albertson's - $13.97

Tuesday, May 28th - Walmart - $20.02

Wednesday, May 29th - Amazon - $16.07 - a great deal on TP

This is probably going to be a small week. Took my mom to the airport today. She is going to see her brother and cousins in Northern California. I really wanted to get on the plane with her.

I did order my Zaycon ground beef today. I will not post that total until I pick it up in July.

If you want to find out more follow this link:

Thursday, May 30th - Food 4 Less - $24.59


Oh maybe I should have added my Zaycon total. Oh well. Second time I have stayed under $100 this year.

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