Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankfulness Thursday Week 6 of 2014

Today is February 6th

My youngest has a field trip today to the Wetlands to celebrate Wetlands day. So excited for him. My kids NEVER get to ride the bus - we live too close to their schools. Isn't it funny that the thing they look forward to is the bus ride? They are chartering a bus since they will be gone most of the day and the district needs the buses for school pickup.

We are still in the midst of this virus in our home. YUCK!! I'm sure everyone I know is enjoying me not talking. Ha ha! Just kidding. I have found that I need to choose my words for I need to minimize the use of my voice. The oldest was pulled aside by a teacher wondering if he had bronchitis. So nice that the teachers really care. We have deep barking coughs (the oldest and me). It is normal though because that is the way we cough - deeply. We are doing better and I am so thankful for that and for the caring of others. I was invited to attend an impromptu dinner with some ladies from my church last Friday and I was unable to attend but to be thought of was wonderful. I am so thankful for my church family. I know that as busy as we all are that they will be there for me and love me just as Jesus does - unconditionally.

Lots to be thankful for and God is good - all the time.

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