Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankfulness Thursday Week 45 of 2014

Today is November 6th.

You may remember that I started a Bible Study in September. I am loving being able to spend time discussing with other Christian women. Most of these ladies are new acquaintances for me. It is wonderful to see others perspective and know that they are truly living out their faith. There is one lady I will call her J. J has been a huge blessing to me. I am awed by her positive attitude and ways that she strives to look for Christ leading in her life. I feel a strong connection to her and am hoping to expand beyond the Bible Study into a friendship. Since I have few strong relationships with women I am struggling in how to do this. I do not want to smother her or come on too strong. I will be praying about this and asking what is the best way to proceed. Thankful for new relationships and the family of Christ.

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