Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thnakfulness Thursday Week 4 of 2014

Today is January 23rd.

This has been a much better week. The kids had a 3 day weekend and the hubby was off on Monday too. The youngest is slowly recovering and had a little melt down on Tuesday before school but once I picked him up he was all smiles. I had 2 glorious days to myself to get errands done.

This week I am thankful that we had some family time on Monday. I am thankful that my youngest apologized for his melt down and I was pleasantly surprised by that. I am thankful that we were finally able to get our youngest a bass guitar. I am thankful that the dentist was available last Friday for the hubby's crown replacement. I am thankful that I have sister lunch this Saturday. I am thankful that although my oldest is now sick he listens and does what I ask to get better.

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