Monday, February 11, 2013

What do you all eat? Sunday, February 10 2013

I do not know about you but when I watch extreme couponing or see the deals that couponers get I always wonder what do they eat? I am going to attempt to post each day what we eat and let you know where it came from and/or the cost. Just for this week. This is a typical week for us except for Valentine's Day. This picture is what my hubby bought with his $20 that I give him to get the things he really wants each week. I think the total was $7.28 used a $2 catalina. I do not include this in my weekly $100 budget. Let's call it entertainment budget since we do not go out very often.

I have very picky eaters with my hubby and oldest so some call me a short order cook.

So starting with Sunday:


Me - yogurt (yoplait light very cherry) (Vons 10 for $7 but used coupons with Just 4U - can't  remember final price each) with granola cereal (Albertsons brand 2 for $4).

Hubby - Chocolate Milk

Oldest - Tyson chicken nuggets (his usual) (BOGO at Vons $7.99) with Heinz ketchup (Albertson's 2 for $4)

Youngest -donuts, yogurt, leftover Tombstone (3 for $10) pizza


Me - 2 scrambled eggs ($1 a dozen manager special at Albersons) with cheese and sour cream (the special buy 10 get $5 off offer $1.50 each at Albertsons) and grape tomatoes (Bountiful Basket)

Hubby - Grape soda (3 for $9.99 Albertsons)

Oldest - Ritz bitz (stockpile - I think it was a buy 4 for $8 deal) Apple juice (Albertsons 2 - 2qt bottles for $4) ocean spray fruit snacks ($1.65)

Youngest - grilled cheese (bread Food 4 Less 3 for $5, kraft amer cheese Albertsons special $1.99, margarine Albertsons brand like Smart Balance), apple juice, fruit snacks


Me, Oldest and Youngest -  pumpkin chocolate chip cookies {homemade (cooked pumpkin from Halloween)}

Hubby - donuts


Me - apple pear (Bountiful Basket), Zaycon chicken - $1.69 pound cooked in olive oil.

Hubby - chili (Zaycon ground beef 3/4 of a pound - $3.29 a pound, McCormick low sodium chili mix Food 4 Less $1, 2 cans 14oz tomatoes stockpile - I think they were $.80 each, 1 can S&W low sodium kidney beans $1.50)

Oldest - Kraft mac & cheese (stockpile - I think I paid $.80, made with butter 2 for $4 at Fresh & Easy, milk Albertsons gallon $3.29 I like the flavor)

Youngest - leftover spaghetti (Anthony's $.50 with coupon at Albertsons with Prego $1 at Winco), apple


Oldest -  pumpkin cookies and rainbow sherbert ($3.00 Albertsons or Smith's)

Youngest -  rainbow sherbert with caramel sauce (full price on caramel sauce can't remember how much)

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