Thursday, February 14, 2013

What do you eat? Wednesday, February 13th


Hubby - Chocolate milk

Me - pineapple (Bountiful Basket)

Oldest - Tyson chicken nuggets with Heinz ketchup

Youngest - banana (Bountiful Basket), whole wheat bagel with margarine (bread store $2)


Hubby - Crush grape soda

Me - granola cereal with milk (Albertson's cereal 2 for $4, Albertson's milk $2.99), popcorn, M & M's snack mix.

Oldest - peanut butter sandwich, juicy juice juice box, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Youngest - peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (Welch's 2 for $4), totitos, juicy juice juice box, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


Hubby - banana

Me - pineapple

Oldest - banana, fruit snacks (Smith's $1.34 used $.40 off digital coupon and $.50 off  2 printed)

Youngest - fruit snacks


Hubby -  leftover chili

Me -  leftover chicken with sour cream and cheese in corn tortillas

Oldest - Barilla Plus angel hair with margarine and Kraft parm cheese

Youngest - leftover chicken with Heinz ketchup


Hubby - Chocolate milk, gum balls (Christmas gift, Yard of bubble gum from Cost Plus World Market $9.99)

Oldest -  rainbow sherbet

Youngest - rainbow sherbet with caramel sauce

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