Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What do you eat? Monday, February 11th


Hubby - Chocolate Milk

Me - 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and sour cream and grape tomatoes

Oldest - Tyson chicken nuggets with Heinz ketchup

Youngest - donuts


Hubby - Crush grape soda

Me - chicken salad with veggies (bell pepper, cabbage, tomato, green beans - Bountiful Basket)

Oldest - peanut butter sandwich (Skippy peanut butter $4.81 at Food 4 Less for 28oz), juicy juice box ($1.59 with coupon at Target), fruit snacks, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Youngest - peanut butter sandwich, juicy juice box, fruit snacks, tostitos chips (stockpile), donut


Me - M & M's snack mix (Target clearance $1.38)

Youngest - M & M's snack mix, grape tomatoes, yogurt


Hubby - leftover chili and mac & cheese

Me -  sweet potato and apple (Bountiful Basket)

Oldest - leftover mac & cheese

Youngest - leftover mac & cheese


Hubby: Chocolate Milk

Oldest - rainbow sherbet

Youngest - pumpkin cookies

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