Saturday, February 16, 2013

What do you eat? Friday, February 15th


Hubby - Chocolate milk, leftover pizza

Me - cinnamon donut and apple danish (bread store $2.50 for 12 and $2.89 for 4)

Oldest - 2 glazed buttermilk donuts (bread store free with full punch card) and Tyson chicken nuggets with Heinz ketchup

Youngest - powdered donut, banana and 2 pieces leftover pizza


Hubby - Crush grape soda

Me - spinach salad with bacon and hard boiled egg (bountiful basket, Ken's Raspberry Pomegranate lite vinaigrette dressing - free with coupon, Zaycon bacon $3.29 a pound, Land o Lakes cage free brown eggs $2.94 Albertsons)

Oldest - peanut butter sandwich, fruit snacks, juicy juice juice box, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Youngest - leftover pizza, tostitos chips, juicy juice juice box, fruit snacks, pumpkin chocolate chip cookie

MIL - spinach salad with bacon and hard boiled egg, 1 whole deviled egg and cutie (bountiful basket) Diet Dr. Pepper (4 - 12 pks for $11 Albertsons)


Oldest - 2 glazed buttermilk donuts

Youngest - pumpkin muffin (Smith's clearance $1.99 for 6 large muffins)


Hubby - tomato soup with milk and saltines - stockpile do not remember but did get on sale

Me -  asparagus, popcorn

Oldest - Bariila Plus with margarine and parm cheese

Youngest - chicken noodle soup

MIL - leftover meat loaf (made with veggies from bountiful basket), asparagus, sweet potato (bountiful basket)


Willy Wonka night so we shared a bunch of candy. See Willy Wonka post.

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