Sunday, February 17, 2013

What do you eat? Saturday, February 16th


Hubby - Chocolate milk, 3 powdered donuts, banana

Me - pineapple, popcorn, cinnamon donut

Oldest - 1 glazed buttermilk donut, Tyson chicken nuggets with Heinz ketchup

Youngest - popcorn, banana, apple danish

MIL - coffee, half a banana, scrambled egg, pineapple, cutie


Hubby - Crush grape soda

Me - peanut butter cookies, grape tomatoes

Oldest - triscuits

Youngest - grilled cheese, grape tomatoes, pear

MIL - deviled egg, cole slaw, apple


Hubby, Oldest, Youngest - leftover candy


Hubby, Youngest, MIL - bacon and eggs,  toast for hubby, cutie for MIL

Me -  sweet potato, salad with iceberg lettuce, canned chicken (Costco kirkland), green beans and Ken's Rasp Pom lite vinaigrette dressing


Hubby, Me, Oldest, Youngest - leftover candy

Ok there it is a week of what we eat. Pretty normal week except for Willy Wonka day.

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